Our Team

We're a one man, one woman, one dog kinda workshop. 

Our door is always open, hot beverages are always on offer. We love hearing about the adventures, challenges, goals and dreams of riders :)


Owen Hazlewood

Owen has more than 5 years of experience working in the cycle trade as both a bike mechanic and a bike fitter. Having achieved his Cytech Level 2 Bicycle Mechanic and Trek Precision Fit qualifications during his time at Speeds Cycles, Owen has spent time working in bike shops in the North East; before deciding to return to his roots and open his own workshop with his partner Hannah.  

Owen grew up around bikes and bike racing thanks to his dad, Mick. Owen loves riding as part of a group, and despite demonstrating a knack for speed, endurance and tactics he has no desire (for now!) to follow in his dad's footsteps and race. His heart lies instead with fixed wheel riding, inspired by races like Red Hook Crit. Owen is also keen to get in to gravel riding as he likes the idea of being 'off the beaten track'. 

Saracen TT Han.jpg

Hannah Smith

Hannah has managed two bike shops previously, first at Speeds Cycles and later at NRG Cycles in the North East. Between managing the bike shops Hannah worked for 12 months as part of the internal sales team for one of the biggest cycle P&A distributors in the UK; and while she relished the fast paced nature of the role she felt her heart lay in working back in Worcestershire with her partner Owen.

Unlike Owen, Hannah rediscovered her love for cycling in her late twenties following a health scare. Being on a bike changed her life for the better, and as a result she loves hearing about how cycling has helped others lead happier and healthier lives. Owen's love of fixed wheel riding rubbed off on Hannah, and she set herself the challenge to ride Red Hook, which she did in 2016. 



Red is a rescue dog that WE adopted back in 2015. we *think* he's a Finnish Spitz, but yes, he does look like a fox. :)