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Barnt Green Chuggers and Chaingang

The Barnt Green Chuggers and Chaingang is a combined running and cycling group, offering both weekday and weekend club runs at various levels. Members of this club aren’t active racers, but do enjoy participating in local events including audax events, sportives and charity rides.

The club offers introduction rides on the first Thursday of each month for those thinking of joining the club. This initial rides are designed to ensure that you are aware of safety protocols when riding in a group and to check that your bike is in a road worthy condition.

Website: www.barntgreenchuggers.co.uk

Image credit - Barnt Green Chuggers and Chaingang

Image credit - Barnt Green Chuggers and Chaingang

Image credit - Beacon RCC

Image credit - Beacon RCC

Beacon RCC

Beacon RCC is a well-established and well known cycling club, established in 1946 and based in south Birmingham.

The Beacon RCC works to help riders get the most out of all aspects of riding, including leisure rides, hill climbs, time trials, road races, crit races, track racing, audax rides and endurance events. As well as taking part in all these cycling activities, the Beacon RCC also have an active social calendar outside of cycling.

Their kit is instantly recognisable and as you can see they are a popular club that ride in good sized groups.

Newcomers are always welcome at the Beacon. Simply contact the club or visit the website to discover their rides and other social events.

Website: www.beaconrcc.org.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/beaconrcc

BRAT Club - Birmingham Running, Athletics and Triathlon Club

The BRAT Club are a well known club that originally started in Birmingham but has a number of members living in or around Bromsgrove.

The club both organises competitive events participates in events, with the focus of the club being on preparation and training for the racing seasons. This is a club that will appeal to competitive cyclists and triathletes.

Various training events are held 7 days a week, focusing on running, cycling and swimming.

Website: www.bratclub.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bratclubuk

Image credit - BRAT Club

Image credit - BRAT Club

Image credit - Bromsgrove Olympique

Image credit - Bromsgrove Olympique

Bromsgrove Olympique

Established since 1948, this club is well known in Bromsgrove. The club have organised a number of events over the years, including a tough open 10TT, held during the summer months and the reliability ride.

They have also put together events for young riders and beginners. They list their rides/destinations well in advance and offer prospective club members the opportunity to join the group on a few rides before committing to the club.

The Bromsgrove Olympique are a great club for racing, touring and leisure cyclists and meet on Sundays opposite what used to be the old Speeds Cycles shop on Birmingham Road.

Website: www.bromsgrovecycling.cc
Facebook : www.facebook.com/bromsgroveolympiquecyclingclub

Halesowen Athletics and Cycling Club

Well known cyclist Hugh Porter, MBE, is a patron of the Halesowen Cycling Club, which gives you an idea of the calibre of the club and it’s commitment to getting the very best of it’s members.

The Halesowen have distinctive purple coloured kit, and with their own academy and open air velodrome they are a fantastic source for youth development in both road and track cycling.

As well as offering a Friday night track league Halesowen A&CC organise and hold their own cyclocross events, road race and sportive. The training and coaching facilities are not limited to younger riders, and Halesowen A&CC offer training and coaching services to riders of all ages.

If you’re looking to compete or improve your competitive edge, especially on the track, then the Halesowen might be the club for you.

In it’s time the club has contributed to the success of a number of British track riders, including Jacob Tipper, Jess Varnish and Helen Scott.

Website: www.halesowencycling.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/halesowencycle

Image credit - Halesowen A&CC

Image credit - Halesowen A&CC

Image credit - Longbridge Cycling Club

Image credit - Longbridge Cycling Club

Longbridge Cycling Club

Formerly the Longbridge Ladies, the newly named Longbridge Cycling Club provides regular opportunities for male and female riders to get together at weekends and during the week for some sociable rides held at a safe and sensible pace.

While many clubs are focused on developing competitive riders the Longbridge Cycling Club is focused on the socialising that comes with leisure cycling. With that in mind all rides are head at a steady pace that make socialising easy.

The ride leaders aim to take members out on routes that allow you to see the beautiful sights of Birmingham on traffic free trails. Rides are designed to take in a break at local craft centres and independent tea rooms. During the summer months rides might also end with a picnic beside a local lake, an ‘off the beaten track’ ride along local canals or even a head to the hills for some beautiful panoramic views.

Website: www.longbridgecyclingclub.com

Rebel Riders

Founded by Trish and Jules Rebel Riders are a social cycling group for experienced female road cyclists. There's no membership fee to join the group or their rides. There’s plenty of week day and weekend riding on offer, and a number of social off-the-bike events too.

The rides cover a variety of routes at different distances. Both the speeds and the routes can be quite challenging. However, the group will ride together, and ensure that no one gets left behind.

Riders that are thinking of joining should be able to: ride comfortably and confidently in pairs/groups of 6+, ride a minimum distance of 20 miles without stopping and ride a minimum speed of 14mph (Some rides will be a quicker pace of around 16mph). You will also need to be able to confidently ride your bike one handed (when taking a drink and pointing pot holes/road hazards).

The group also organises running sessions, trips abroad and social events and some memebrs particpate in sportives and triathlon events.

Website: www.rebelriders.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/1034987066691725

Image credit - Rebel Riders

Image credit - Rebel Riders

Image credit - Redditch Road and Path CC

Image credit - Redditch Road and Path CC

Redditch Road and Path CC

Redditch Road and Path CC is one of the oldest cycling clubs in the UK, founded in 1885! Today, Redditch Road and Path is a family friendly club with considerable rider numbers, offering a variety of rides and events for cyclists of all ages, abilities and interests.

Some members are competitive riders, others are leisure riders, but both are welcomed at the RRPCC. Organised events include social rides, training club rides, cyclocross events, time trials, crit races, road races, reliability ride and club events. A number of members are also keen mountain bike riders and there are also audax riders in the club.

All in all the club offers a broad array of events for members to engage with and no matter what your cycling interests are the RRPCC is the local club with the experience and expertise to cater for your needs!

The RRPCC have a dedicated youth program called the Slipstreamers, designed to enable children and teenagers to train and compete in events of their choosing, including road, track and cyclocross.

Website: www.rrpcc.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rrpcc

Saracen Road Club

Like many of the clubs listed here, the Saracen Road Club is a club with history and heritage. Established in 1949 the club has had national champions, national record holders and a rider in the Tour De France within it’s ranks.

The Saracen Road Club is the club both Owen and Hannah belonged to, and we have both competed in events under the club banner (although neither of us are much use at time trialling it turns out!).

The club holds regular rides, both during the week and on a Sunday. The weekday ride is on a Thursday and is joined by cyclists from a variety of different clubs. The Sunday club run is held at a steady pace and there is also a Senior’s Run for older riders looking for a shorter ride at a gentle pace.

While the club has a website, it’s forum is more actively used for organising events and club runs.

Website: webspace.saracenroadclub.com
Forum: www.saracenroadclub.com

Image credit - Saracen RC

Image credit - Saracen RC

Image credit - Stourbug

Image credit - Stourbug


Stourbug is unlike other clubs in so much as they do not hold rides on a set day or have a regular timetable. Instead Ride Leaders organise rides on a rolling basis, often based on weather and conditions, across different days and times to cater for all riders needs. Almost all of the organised club rides will include a stop at a cafe and the rides are open to make and female riders.

The club try to ensure that there is at least one ride on every single day, meaning no matter what your work of life schedules are you can always get out and enjoy your bike with good company at the Stourbugs!

In 2016, for example, the Stourbugs organised and held around 700 club run rides, fairly evenly split between weekdays and weekends!

The club organises a variety of rides to cater for different abilities and needs. As well as holding road rides the club organises off road rides, and they also participate in sportives, charity rides, audax events, distance events and even overseas rides!

Website: www.stourbug.org.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/stourbug


V-Sprint is the Bromsgrove based cycling club founded and run by Jim Varnish, former World Champion of the Cycle Speedway and father to Olympic track cyclist Jess Varnish.

Founded in 2009, the club has continued to grow in numbers, appealing to both male and female riders.

Their distinctive black and white kit can be seen as riders take to the lanes surrounding Bromsgrove on Sundays, and often hold a training to ride to Worcester and back on Thursday evenings during the summer months. Riders can choose the steady ride, or the Development Ride, which is designed to improve speed, develop understanding of gear ratios, cadence and pedalling finesse.

Additional rides and events are organised through the club’s active Whatsapp chat group and include trips overseas to enjoy cycling int he summer sun.

The club is predominantly focused on road riding and track events, with some members pursuing sportive rides, time trials and cyclocross events.

Website: www.club.v-sprint.com

Image credit - V-Sprint

Image credit - V-Sprint

Image credit - Women on Wheels

Image credit - Women on Wheels

Women on Wheels

Women on Wheels is a group for female cyclists living in Worcestershire. The club aims to put on rides that cater for cyclists of all ages and abilities.

Non members are encouraged to try a ride with the WOW Easy rides before making a commitment to the club. These rides are limited to no more than 15 miles, are held at the pace of the slowest rider and held on fairly flat and quiet roads. The nature of the ride means it’s suitable for all riders, of all ages and on all bikes.

The club hold other rides including WOW Steady (up to 20 miles - 10-12mph average pace, all bike sallowed), WOW Intermediate (up to 30 miles, 12-13mph average, road bikes only), WOW Advanced (30+ miles, 14-15mph average, road bikes only)

The ride calendar is published on both their website and their Facebook page.

Website: www.women-on-wheels.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wearewomenonwheels

Worcester St Johns CC

Worcester St Johns Cycling Club is the second oldest club in this list. Founded in 1888, the club’s purpose was to support and promote riders living in Worcester in all forms of cycling. Throughout the years WSJCC has become more focused on the competitive side of cycling, but has always ensured that the club caters to social and leisure cyclists living in the area, as well as campaigning for better cycling facilities in the city of Worcester.

Racing members within the club are active in a number of fields including endurance / distance events, cyclocross, time trials, road racing and more. The club holds events in affiliation with the CTT and LVRC. Competitive and social member are encouraged to participate in the variety of events that the club organises and engages with, including sportives, club rides, club nights and other events.

Members meet on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays for rides of varying speeds and distances, ensuring that the rides cater for everyone.

The Worcester St Johns CC also have an active Facebook page for organising rides and events.

Website: www.wsjcc.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/129864019545

Image credit - Worcester St Johns CC

Image credit - Worcester St Johns CC

Image credit - Wyre Forest CRC

Image credit - Wyre Forest CRC

Wyre Forest CRC

The Wyre Forest CRC was founded in 1977 and has grown into a well known club in the local area with members actively participating in both social rides and competitive events. The club is proud to have grown in both numbers and diversity, with good numbers in both female and youth riders.

The club is based at Stourport Sports Club, which as of 2010 also became the home of a new Stourport Cycle Circuit, a purpose built 1.6km tarmac cycling circuit with floodlighting. Members of the club are encouraged to join in with club rides, training rides and social evetns. While there is no pressure to ride competitively members that choose to do so will get the full support of the Wyre Forest CRC.

Members of the Wyre Forest CRC will receive a number of benefits including (but not limited to) free coaching by qualified British Cycling coaches, reduced club TT entry fees, Go-Ride youth coaching, trips to the velodrome, casual clothing, access to club kit and more.

Website: www.wfcrc.org.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WFCRC