Gift Vouchers - Buy Your Loved One a Bicycle Service this Christmas!

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Terms and Conditions - Gift vouchers require the name of the recipient so that we may raise a credit on their account with Academy Bikeworks. The gift voucher can be used against the labour cost of a service which we carry out on the recipient’s bike. The recipient will be responsible for covering any remaining balance of the cost of the service once the gift voucher has been applied. In the event that the value of the gift voucher is greater than the cost of the service the recipient can use the remaining balance on products or services purchased from Academy Bikeworks. The gift voucher can also be applied to products rather than a service if the recipient prefers. Gift vouchers from Academy Bikeworks can not be exchanged for a cash value.

We are often asked what people can buy for the cyclist in their life at Christmas time.

Inevitably this leads to a choice between buying a gift the recipient might find useful, such as a tool, or clothing, or buying something that is a luxury they might not have, like some expensive cycling sunglasses.

However, those choices often generate their own set of follow up questions - What tools does the recipient already own? What brands do they prefer to use? If you’re buying gloves or socks, then what size are the recipients hands or feet? Do they prefer particular lenses when riding?

Often this leads to a frustrated shopper, who is unfamiliar with the world of cycling, trying desperately to find something that will work as a gift. There’s nothing worse than buying a gift for someone and not having confidence in that gift!

So, in a bid to make things easier, and bearing in mind that we are predominantly a workshop rather than a retail outlet, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering servicing gift vouchers!

What’s great about a servicing gift voucher is that the recipient will definitely find it useful, so your gift will be meaningful and it won’t go to waste!

How Does it Work?

Each bike that comes into our workshop has it’s own set of servicing requirements. In order to determine exactly what each bike needs, we carry out a free of charge quote before doing any remedial work; looking at all of the parts that need to be replaced or worked on, and producing a quote that needs to be agreed by the customer before we proceed.

However, our labour charges tend to be a basic service, which is £30, or an annual service, which is £60.

  • A basic service is essentially a nut and bolt check and a gear and brake adjustment. It does not cover time spent fitting any drivetrain or frame parts.

  • An annual service is what we advise for bikes that have had a heavy season use, or if they have not been serviced in 12 months or more. This labour charge covers the cost of fitting a number of parts, such as chain, cassette, brake pads etc.

So, our gift vouchers will be for £30 and £60, meaning that the recipient will have peace of mind that the labour charges are already covered by your gift voucher and all they will need to pay for is the parts we fit!

The gift voucher is applied to the recipient’s account as a credit. This means if you purchase a gift voucher for an annual service (£60) and when they bring the bike in to us for servicing we decide that it only needs a basic service, for example, which is £30, the recipient will have a remaining balance of £30 credit on their account, which they can use towards any parts or accessories they choose.

How to Order a Gift Voucher

In order to issue a gift voucher we will need the first name and last name of the recipient.

You can purchase a gift voucher in two ways:

  1. Pop in store and pay for your gift voucher in cash or on a credit/debit card or

  2. Use our online store to purchase your Basic Service or Annual Service gift voucher! Once your purchase has been completed we will contact you to see if you want to collect the gift voucher in person, or if you prefer we can post it to yourself or the recipient.

If you’d like to buy a gift voucher to help cover the cost of the parts as well as the labour or if you’d like a gift voucher for a particular value then get in touch. Tell us how much you’d like the value of the gift voucher to be and we’ll send you a direct link to make that purchase online!

Hannah Smith