A Closer Look at Frog Bikes

We’ve just sold our first Frog bike - which is being purchased as a Christmas present. We mentioned in a previous blog post that we are now dealers of Frog bikes, and demand for Frog bikes has once again been very high in 2018 and when you look at the quality of the bikes it’s easy to see why!

While we had this gorgeous Frog 62 in green in our workshop we wanted to show you exactly what you could expect when buying a Frog bike!

Important Accessories

A Frog bike as standard comes with a number of important accessories, helping to protect the bike, the rider and helping to improve the value for money you get when buying a Frog bike!

These important additional accessories include:

  • Front and rear frame reflectors

  • Wheel reflectors

  • A handlebar mounted bell

  • Front and rear mudguards

  • Rubber frame protectors for outer cables

  • Two sets of tyres - a slicker tyre for tarmac and a knobbly tyre for trails

As well as these additional extras, Frog also include frame protectors and stickers to cover scuffs to the paint as and when they occur.

Extended Warranty

Frog offer a two year warranty as standard on their frame and forks - however, upon purchase you can register the frame number of your bike and increase the warranty on the frame and forks from two years to five years!

That’s extremely ideal if you have younger children who will later inherit the bike when it becomes too small for their older brother or sister.

Simple Shimano Gearing

Too often, in a bid to cut costs, frames for kids bikes are made from steel and the frames are equipped with unbranded components - which can be difficult to service or replace later down the line.

Frog bikes are made from a lightweight alloy and are fitted with Shimano gearing (on hybrid bikes), which means your little one will get great use form the bike as a result of the high quality of the components. Should any components like the rear derailleur get damaged or break, it can easily be serviced or replaced; helping to improve the longevity and long term value of the bike.

Designed with Kids in Mind

All too often the cycling industry makes design choices that do not actually reflect the needs of the rider. For example, historically the common approach by manufacturers when catering for female riders was summarised by the phrase ‘shrink it and pink it’.

This mentality led to product design that did not take the specific needs of the targeted rider in to consideration.

Frog ensure that every aspect of the bikes are designed with smaller and younger riders in mind. The cranks and pedals are designed with little legs in mind, the brake levers include an adjustment screw to decrease lever reach for children with smaller hands. The seat posts are long to cater for children as they grow and additional shorter and longer stems can be purchased to cater for the reach of the child.

Hannah Smith