#Festive 500 - Planned Rides


As we have mentioned previously we are CLOSED from Saturday 22nd December to Wednesday 2nd January. We are available for appointments only, and please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment - even if it’s short notice!

So, what the hell are you doing with all that time off? - You might very well be asking!

Well, between eating vast amounts of food and drinking gin like it’s going out of fashion, we’ll be riding. Actually, we’ll be doing a lot of riding - as we’re doing the Rapha Festive 500 challenge - which sees riders try to complete 500km (around 310 miles) of riding in the 8 days between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve!

If you divide 310 by 7 (presuming no one will be riding much on Christmas Day!) the average mileage needs to be around 45 miles a day - which is the sort of distance we’ve set these routes up for. Of course you can add a few miles or peel off as needed!

Christmas Eve - Academy Bikeworks to Wayland’s Yard

To kick start our Rapha Festive 500 challenge we’re going to take a pootle over to Worcester on Christmas Eve via Tardebigge, Lower Bentley, Bradley Green, Stock Green, Huddington, Crowle Green and arriving at Wayland’s Yard in Worcester, by Foregate Street Station.

The route out is roughly 23 miles - and the return route to Bayleys of Bromsgrove via Claines, Ladywood, Droitwich and Upton Warren is just over 16 miles. Total trip will be around 40 miles.

To register your interest visit the Facebook Event for this particular ride!

Boxing Day - Academy Bikeworks to Coffee #1 - Pershore

After smashing turkey, stuffing, pigs in blankets it’ll be great to get some fresh air in our lungs and some miles in our legs.

There’s no better place in our opinion to share a coffee and a catch up than Coffee #1 in Pershore. It is one of our favourite haunts and we have a ton of fond memories there. With teacakes the size of plate, mouthwatering flapjack recipes and gorgeous coffee you can be sure that you’ll be well fed here!

The total route is roughly 43 miles - but the route ends in Tardebigge so there’s extra miles up for grabs for riders who live in Bromsgrove, Redditch, Birmingham, etc.

To register your interest in our Boxing Day ride visit the Facebook Event set up for this ride!

Thursday December 27th - Academy Bikeworks to Coffee #1 - Pershore

Coffee #1 Pershore was so accommodating and the route was so pleasant that we’ve decide to do it again!

Same route and destination as those on Boxing Day!

Friday December 28th and beyond

Coffee #1 Evesham isn’t a location that we have visited before - but it’s had some great reviews from riders we know!

It’s also located directly opposite the Boardman Performance Centre, so it should be a great ride out filled with coffee and bikes!

The total route is roughly 50 miles - but again, riders are welcome to join or drop off wherever suits them.

Facebook event details to be set up in the course of the next few days.

We’re also looking at riding to Boston Tea Party in Stratford.

Hannah Smith