Christmas Opening Hours - Saturday 22nd December to Wednesday 2nd January

Click the images above for a lovely Christmassy slideshow! ;-)

For now, our Christmas Opening Hours are as follows:

Friday 21st December - 9am - 5pm (early closure)

Saturday 22nd December - Closed - Shop Ride - The Retro Run

Sunday 23rd December - Closed - Shop Ride - Saracen Boozers Run

Christmas Eve - Closed - Festive 500 Shop Ride - TBC

Christmas Day - Closed - Festive 500 Shop Ride - TBC

Boxing Day - Closed - Festive 500 Shop Ride - TBC

Thursday 27th December - Closed - Festive 500 Shop Ride - TBC

Friday 28th December - Closed - Festive 500 Shop Ride - TBC

Saturday 29th December - Closed - Festive 500 Shop Ride - TBC

Sunday 30th December - Closed - Festive 500 Shop Ride - TBC

New Year’s Eve - Closed - Festive 500 Shop Ride - TBC

New Years Day - Closed

Wednesday 2nd January - Normal Service Resumed!

After much consideration, Owen and I have decided to close the business from Saturday 22nd December to Wednesday 2nd January. We will be available by appointment only. If you wish to book an appointment during this period you can email us on and we will work with you to find a mutually agreeable date and time to provide any services that you require.

Given that what we do is predominantly bicycle repairs, it seemed unlikely that we would drum up much business during this Christmas period. So we’ve decided to take a much needed break, spend some time with family and friends, and most importantly, get some miles on the bikes!

Saturday 22nd December - Retro Run Christmas Special

We’re closing on Saturday 22nd December to show our support to the locally organised Retro Run - a fund raising bike ride that has had great success over the last few years. This is the first time they have run the event at Christmas and we were keen to be a part of the event! We hope you’ll join us! More details can be found on our Retro Run blog post!

Sunday 23rd December - ‘Boozer’s’ Run

On Sunday 23rd December we’ll be participating in the Saracen Boozers Run. We start the day by cooking breakfast over an open fire, and then we ride to The Swan Inn Chaddesley Corbett to meet up with members from a variety of local cycling clubs to share a drink or two before riding back home. The Boozers Run for me is what really kick starts the Christmas festivities, and we’re especially looking forward to it this year as we missed out last year due to living ‘up north’.

Sunday 24th December - Monday 31st December - #Festive500

Between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve we plan to try and complete the Rapha #Festive500. The challenge is to ride 500km (or just over 310 miles) in an 8 day period - in weather that is usually unfavourable.

Every year Owen and I say we’d like to do this challenge, but circumstances have prevented us from doing so. Now that we own our own workshop and business, it seemed that a better use of our time during the festive period would be to attempt the challenge and invite customers and local riders to join us!

After commuting 20 miles a day 5 days a week by a fixed wheel bike while living ‘up north’, in what can be described as the worst conditions I have ever ridden in, I can honestly say I was quite happy not riding while we looked to open a new venture together. I am fully aware that since our return to Bromsgrove in March I have done very little riding at all, and 500km in 8 days in cold conditions is going to be gruelling to say the least!

But I’m genuinely looking forward to getting back in the saddle, working off some of the winter weight and spending time on the road in good company. A massive thanks to Alec for loaning me his Orbea so the experience will be a little easier than attempting it on my (very tired) fixed wheel!

Closer to the time the dates and times we will be advertising the destinations and routes that we will be riding on our Facebook Page and Twitter profile! Obviously we’ll be playing it by ear a little based on the weather at the time… rumour has it there might be snow which could make the experience very interesting!

If you’re on Strava, you can join the Strava challenge and clock up your miles there! You can also join the Academy Bikeworks Strava Club if you’d like!

Hannah Smith