NEW - Service Reminders for Your Bike!


While Academy Bikeworks only opened in September, Owen and I have worked at bike shops for a number of years, and one of the things we have been asked about on numerous occasions is service reminders.

It’s easy to forget exactly when your bike was serviced, and lots of riders have in the past asked for some sort of service reminder to prompt them to bring their bike in.

In the past, we have been unable to implement a system that makes it easy for both us and our customers to manage service reminders, but now Academy Bikeworks is pleased to announce that we do indeed offer customers the option to have service reminders!

How it Works:

We want to be clear about how you opt in, how often we will contact you, how your details are used and how you can unsubscribe.

OPT IN - Once your bike has been serviced, when you come to collect your bike you will be asked if you would like to receive service reminders for the bike you are collecting. If you tell us you would like to receive reminders we set you up on our service reminder system. All we need is your email address!*

CONFIRMATION - You will then receive an email (to the email address you have supplied) asking you to confirm that you opt in to this service. Once you click the link in the first email confirming that you definitely want service reminders for your bike you will then be sent a confirmation email.

SERVICE FOLLOW UPS - We will then email you service follow ups after six weeks, twelve weeks and six months, just touching base to make sure you are happy with the service we carried out on your bike and to remind you to check certain key maintenance areas on your bike at home!

SERVICE REMINDERS - We will send you official service reminders 10 months and 12 months after your previous service, at which point you will automatically be unsubscribed to the Service Reminders. This is to ensure that we don’t hold on to your details any longer than is absolutely necessary!

RE-REGISTER - Once the service reminders has served it’s purpose and you have returned your bike to our workshop for another service you will then be asked if you want to sign up again for service reminders. If you want to you will repeat the process just as you had previously.

If you own more than one bike you can receive individual service reminders for each bike you own.

You are free to unsubscribe at any time from the Service Reminders. When you unsubscribe you will receive an email confirming that you are no longer subscribed.

*Don’t worry - as our Privacy Policy sets out, we do not use your email address for any reason other than to contact you during a service or to send you service updates. We do not sell or share your details with anyone other than our specified third party suppliers, who in turn will not use, share or sell your contact details.

Hannah Smith