The Cycle Show 2018 @ The NEC - Our Highlights


Cannondale SuperSix Evo Women’s

Just one of the many Cannondale bikes that caught our eye! Check out the gallery below for more photos of other cannondale models.


Ultegra R8000 1x

A Shimano Ultegra R8000 Chainset converted to a great looking 1x chainset with a Wolf Tooth chain ring.

The Cinelli Vigorelli Road and the Cinelli Sempur Disc

The Cinelli Vigorelli Road and the Cinelli Sempur Disc


Weight Saving!

Gotta love a hand drilled seat post. #gains

So yesterday Owen and I attended The Cycle Show at the NEC. There’s certainly plenty to see and do , but here’s a quick run down of what we saw that caught our eye.

Cannondale Range

The Cannondale stand was the first thing that really caught our eye. It was clear that adventure/gravel was on the agenda for a lot of bike stands at the show, but some of the Cannondale offerings really blew us away, in both price point and colourways!

The Topstone range caught our eye, the 10 speed Tiagra came in a gorgeous green frame and was £899! A real bargain bike by the looks of it!

The other eye catching model was the SuperX Apex 1; the more I looked at it the more I wanted one. I’m not a cross rider but the setup looked phenomenal and the cable routing looked interesting!

All we can say is if you’re visiting the show be sure to check them out!

The Topstone and the SuperX Apex 1 feature in our gallery below so check those out. In truth our photos do not do these bikes justice!

Mason/Hunt Wheels

It goes without saying that Mason frames are a thing of beauty. Honestly, I could just look at them all day. And we’re not the only ones - Mason has a big following!

One frame in particular caught our attention as an Ultegra R8000 chainset had been paired with a single Wolf Tooth chain ring, and while it’s not my cup of tea (I prefer the aesthetic of SRAM 1 x chainsets) I could appreciate the slickness of the match.

I’ve seen many a 1x conversion done on Shimano road chainsets and they can look awful with a huge lip between crank arm and chain ring, but this was much cleaner and deserved a mention!

We first encountered Hunt a couple of years ago, just as they were launching their handful of wheelsets. They were relatively unknown at the time, but they caught our eye instantly. We even stocked a few pairs of wheels at Speeds Cycles; and they didn’t stay in stock for long!

But since our days at Speeds Hunt have come on in leaps and bounds; with offerings now for road, gravel and MTB. Brand awareness has increased too, as we’ve had a number of customers in the last couple of weeks chat to us about Hunt wheels, which is nice, considering back in the day we were the ones shouting about them!

There’s a particular Hunt road wheelset that has caught Owen’s eye, the Hunt Sprint Aero Wide, which comes in a gorgeous Chrome finish, that is reminiscent of old Campag Shamal wheels.

Another offering that is niche but popular are the lightweight hill climber tubs, designed for a maximum rider weight of 78kg (the chap on the stand didn’t hesitate to tell ol’ ‘race weight’ Owen that he’d be perfect for them… didn’t say the same to me! Ha!)

Cinelli = Colour

I think the stand that really caught our eye was (unsurprisingly) the Cinelli stand. Now, if you know us, you’ll know we big fans of Cinelli bikes. But this year we sense we could be goriwng our own personal collection.

Although we didn’t seee the 2019 women’s Experience bike if it matches the geometry of last years model I will definitely be investing in a frameset and fitting a 1x system to it. Being 5 ft tall and highly flexible at the hips I find it difficult to find a frame that is racy and fits my proportions, but the 2018 model looked perfect - unfortunately I just missed out!

What we did see however was the Semper Disc (pictured), which was gorgeous to look at but the price blew us away - just £599 for the frameset or £1499.99 for a built bike with 10 speed Tiagra.

Again, our photos really don’t do the bike credit, but suffice it to say Owen fell in love with this bike and is seriously considering ordering his first disc brake road bike! So watch this space, as you may see this in our workshop soon!

But the Semper Disc wasn’t the only thing that caught our eye on the Cinelli stand! There was also the Vigorelli Road, in it’s gorgeous almost Cadbury Daily Milk purple colourway and shiny decals, which is available at £799 as the frameset only, but for £1499 you can have it setup as a 1x SRAM Apex1 road bike (it’s like they KNOW what I’m looking for!)

The Zydeco has always been an eye catching cross bike, but the King Zydeco was… well… it certainly attracted a crowd! It features in our gallery below.

The Superstar and Superstar disc are Cinelli’s carbon road offerings, again available in framesets or with Campag components. While these were a little more toned down compared to other models they still looked stunning and both have a design that is going to be an instant classic. Again you can see these in black and silver in the gallery below.

Finally, Cinelli track bikes. They were VERY blingy and shiny, and while that might appeal to some for us it was almost a little too much. But, it’d be rude not to mention them and feature them in our gallery below.

The Vigorelli Shark is an aluminium track bike with an aero seat post and shaped tubing, to give you the edge on those street crits we so love! It’s a stunning red colour! The new Vigorelli, a frame favoured by track and fixed wheel crit riders, is all black but it has a lot of sparkle!

Old School Condor

Condor has always been a brand that we loved, but their stand is well worth a visit. The penny farthing wheel takes centre focus and it’s sheer size commands attention, but we were more focused on the little details on some of the vintage bikes on display.

For example, we couldn’t help but admire the 1952 Condor road bike, set up as aretro 1x system, complimented by the single bar end shifter in the left hand bar end.

The 1966 Condor Superb road bike also caught my eye as the owner had at some point hand drilled the seat post. We had only just seen drilled out TRP brake levers (pictured in the gallery) and I’ve heard of old school riders like Alf Engers drilling out components to save weight but I had never seen it done on a bike before, and the fact that you could tell it was hand drilled just made it all the more nostalgic and romantic.

To be fair, even their bike display stands, which were higher than mots usual stands, means the bike is displayed at chest height, giving the admirer a much better means of appreciation!

Recycled Inner Tubes

We’re already big fans of Malvern based jewellers Respoke Designs, who make jewellery from recycled spokes and other bike parts; and we have seen other companies making all sorts of accessories from recycled inner tubes. But with that said we were impressed with the Cycle of Good stand who made some really nice wallets, phone cases, coin purses and bags.

They are accepting inner tube donations too so if you have any old tubes kicking around be sure to take them with you to the show!

Hannah Smith