Tour Series Returns to Redditch - Thursday May 9th 2019

Tour Series.jpg

The popular Tour Series crit race, which sees professional riders racing on technical closed road circuits, is set to return to Redditch on May 9th 2019!

Redditch will host the opening event for this year’s Tour Series, with further events planned in Motherwell, Aberdeen, Birkenhead and other locations.

The Redditch course is not for the faint of heart. Repetitive laps around the tight course, with several left hand 90 degree turns, a tight bottleneck and a nasty short sharp climb make for fantastic spectator viewing - but it’s exhausting for competitors!

Spectators can walk around the entirety of the course and have access to several crossing points throughout the racing, making it a great race that can be viewed from multiple key locations, including the start/finish line on the High Street, the tight corner by the old DSS buildings, the quick descent of Hewell Road on to Elm Road, the left hand turn under the railway bridge and the absolutely leg breaking short and steep climb that is Unicorn Hill.

As well as watching the event, locals can also participate and ride the course ahead of the pros. In previous years, organisers have encouraged young and adult riders to form their own ‘teams’ and take on the challenging route.

Show your support for the event on Facebook and also follow the Redditch Tour Series on Facebook. You can also visit the Tour Series website to stay up to date with the latest.

Hannah Smith