Muc Off Tubeless Valves - 44mm

Muc Off Tubeless Valves - 44mm


Muc Off Tubeless Valves are manufactured from 6061 aluminium, making them both light weight and robust. The valves include a number of features that make it easy to install them on almost any tubeless compatible road, hybrid or MTB rim.

In each pack there are three different grommets, designed to ensure an airtight fit on almost any rim profile. The valves themselves include a 4mm allen key fitting to make it easy to install and remove the rims. Each pack also includes a valve cap that also acts as a valve core remover - allowing you to make easy sealant top ups even on the trail or road!

The Muc Off tubeless valves are available in 44mm, 60mm and 80mm lengths, and in each valve length there are a total of 8 colours available.

At this moment in time we only stock 44mm valves and only in black, however we are happy to order in different lengths and different colours based on customer requests!

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