Park Tool CC-3.2 - Chain Wear Indicator / Chain Checker

Park Tool CC-3.2 - Chain Wear Indicator / Chain Checker


The Park Tool CC-3.2 chain checker is without a doubt the most useful tool in our workshop and it’s absolutely tool that every cyclist should own!

A worn chain is likely to slip on the gears and is more likely to snap, especially or under load! The wear of a chain can have a dramatic impact on the life expectancy of your drivetrain.

This chain checker helps you quickly and easily monitor the wear on your chain, helping you to maximise the lifespan of your bike’s drivetrain!

How to Use

This Park Tool chain checker is incredibly simple to use. To measure the ‘stretch’ or wear of your chain start by dropping the curved hook on the 0.5 side into a chain link.

If the opposite end of the chain checker (where 0.5 is printed) does not fit in to your chain, then your chain is not worn! (see gallery images)

If the chain checker drops in at 0.5, then your drivetrain is worn and you should check to see how worn it is. To do that, turn the chain checker to the 0.75 wear indicator and repeat the process.

If the chain checker goes in at 0.5 but does not go in at 0.75 then your chain is partially worn. Replace the chain when it is at 0.5 worn to preserve the longevity of your cassette and chain rings. Catching chain wear at this stage should mean you get at least 2 chains to every cassette.

If the chain checker goes in at 0.5 and 0.75 then your chain is worn. You may replace the chain when it is 0.75 worn and find that you still get slipping on the gears. This is because the new chain cannot mesh with the cassette, because the cassette has worn to match the shape of the old chain. Our recommendation when a chain is 0.75 worn is to replace both chain and cassette. (see gallery image)

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