TyreKey - Road

TyreKey - Road


TyreKey is a handy, affordable and portable tool that helps road riders get tight tyres back on to the rim, following a puncture or the installation of a new tyre.

The TyreKey was designed and is manufactured here in the UK! Since it’s arrival into the tyre tool market it has been incredibly popular with riders with many people hailing it as one of the most useful bike tools that they have ever purchased.

How the TyreKey Works

In the past, people have attempted to use tyre levers to leverage the tyre back on tot he rim. The problem with this method is that the levers can pinch the tube underneath, causing a pinch puncture and adding further frustration to the situation! Not to mention that using metal levers in this manner can also damage the rim!

To quote the website “The double groove glides round the rim, lifting the tyre off with ease. The unique claw reinstalls the tyre in seconds without touching the inner tube, eliminating the risk of pinch-punctures.“

The TyreKey is currently designed for use on road tyres only. It can be used during tubeless setups and on carbon rims. The TyreKey weighs just 20g! They tyre sizes covered by the current TyreKey tool are 700 x 18 - 35c.

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